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Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow racking is formed using tracks of small wheels, configured into lanes and fitted into beds that are supported using either pallet racking or Longspan frame components.

Cartons of identical products can then be loaded, one after the other, at the rear of each bed. The cartons then travel, under gravity to the front picking face. This enables strict ‘First In – First Out’ (FIFO) stock rotation.

Carton Flow racking is an ideal system for stock items which need to be hand-picked. The size and number of trays and load capacity can all be tailored to your specific needs. Carton Flow also offers high levels of storage density, supplies automatic stock rotation and maintains good replenishment to the pick face.

For further information and to discuss your specific objectives call us on 01562 731799. We have 25 years experience in matching the very best solutions to our customers’ business objectives. We work to the highest of standards and all of our installers are fully qualified and SEIRS registered.

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