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Industrial Shelving

Qubestor’s range of shelving products offer you a broad spectrum of choice to meet a range of needs, all at affordable prices. Whether your requirement is to store lightweight small parts, document or heavy duty products, we have a shelving solution for you.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service and offer all leading manufacturers products. Our independence means that our clients receive the very best products for their bespoke needs at the very best prices.

Types of shelving available:


Longspan Shelving is a manual storage system which uses the ‘person to product’ principle – providing direct access to all stored items. The shelving is designed for use in warehouses storing large and/or heavy goods where items are loaded and retrieved manually from the shelves.

Longspan shelving has a wide range of accessories and is extremely versatile. It can be easily designed and adapted to your specific requirements. This type of shelving is ideal for storing archive boxes.

If you have additional height in your warehouse we can build Longspan shelving up to 20m high. The higher levels can then be accessed mechanically by stacker cranes or forklift trucks.

It is quite common to configure a Longspan shelving solution with racking in order to allow you to also store palletised stock.

Adjustable Small Parts

Adjustable small parts shelving is a versatile hand loaded shelving system designed for the flexible storage of small parts. The frames can be open or clad and the steel shelves are clipped in place. Available in a comprehensive range of shelf and frame sizes it also comes with a wide range of accessories.

As a modular shelving system it can be added to without complication as and when required. Its flexible and adaptable and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. It’s range of accessories include shelf dividers, plastic drawers, garment hanging rails and runners for suspension files.

If you need help identifying the right shelving solution for your needs give us a call and we can walk you through your options.

Document Shelving

Mostly used for the storage of loose documents and files, document shelving has been widely used in a variety of environments. It allows excellent space utilisation whilst offering a comprehensive range of accessories to meet individual specifications.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is as the name implies – standard shelving mounted on a mobile base. It creates excellent storage efficiency by reducing the number of aisles needed to access your files. Dependent upon your requirements it can be powered electronically or manually moved. Mobile bases can be used to support Longspan, Small Parts and Document Shelving.

Mobile shelving is particularly effective in offices, archives, libraries or retail stock settings as it can increase storage capacity by up to 70% when compared to static options.

Dependent upon whether you are storing everyday office items, important paperwork or have more industry specific heavy duty needs, there is a mobile shelving solution right for you.

Call us now on 01562 731799 to talk through your requirements and identify the very best shelving solution for your business.

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