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Mezzanine Floors

Need to get even more out of your warehouse space? Then it’s time to consider a mezzanine floor!

Hugely cost effective and practical, Mezzanine floors allow you to maximise the usable height within your warehouse, office or retail location. Working with you to understand your business needs, Qubestor will design the free-standing structural steel floor to provide the greatest possible clear space on the ground for your warehouse/office activities. A Mezzanine floor can be a permanent or semi-permanent solution. Warehouses typically rely heavily on floor space for goods and offices so by introducing a mezzanine floor you will save money and avoid having to rent more space or even re-locate.

Mezzanine Floors from Qubestor


  • A strong stable new floor for additional storage or offices
  • Can be designed to offer the greatest clear space on the ground for additional activities/storage
  • Made with the highest quality materials to meet British standards


  • You will maximise the usable height within your warehouse
  • You will increase your storage space
  • It’s cost effective and practical
  • You’ll incur no additional costs associated with renting or purchasing additional office space
  • You’ll increase space whilst improving your workforce’s productivity

Whether your requirement is simple or complex, when you buy your storage solution from Qubestor you’ll benefit from our vast knowledge of maximising warehouse and office usability and efficiency. Due to our independence we are able, without bias, to explore your specific storage requirements and advise you on the very best solution to meet your needs and budget.

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